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“Hoorays and Hallelujahs” is a quarterly newsletter feature brought to you by Student Stories. It highlights the command “Go…teach all nations” and the amazing, astounding reports resulting from our obedience. This newsletter can be downloaded for your reading pleasure and encouragement. Or used in sharing with your local church what God is doing through our students, sponsors, and schools around the world. Download now, kick back, and start reading. As you read one brief report after another we guarantee you will want to whisper or even shout, “Hooray” or “Hallelujah.”


Timothy in Nigeria Downloads

In two years Timothy has witnessed to many people.  102 have been filled with the Spirit and 86 baptized under his ministry.  

ACTS - African Centre for Theological Studies - Ghana: DAVID ZOBASEGH (First Year Student) Downloads

My Call Into Ministry: As a young boy growing up, I have always had the desire of pursuing a vocation as a minister of the gospel. I have also had dreams of seeing myself preaching and propagating the gospel to many people. My call was also confirmed by many prophecies by men of God. However, I decided to pursue higher education, be financially sound before I consider entering into the ministry. However, in July 2017, I had to resign from my job as an accountant in a company to respond to the call. I decided to go on two-week personal retreat to find my true calling. After praying for twelve days, the Lord spoke to me in a vision that I have delayed far enough it was time for me to be on the field winning souls for the kingdom. In the vision, I saw myself crying as ministers of the gospel in my church (UPCI) were praying for me. I enrolled in ACTS-Ghana in August 2017 and I am currently in my second semester and I must admit, I am enjoying my time here. During the vacation, I had the opportunity of ministering in Keyasi in the Brong Ahafo region. I was invited to help a young church that had been started. I engaged in visitation and evangelism to people in the area. To God be the glory, before I returned to school, I had won a soul who has remained loyal to the church. He is now an active and a committed member of the church.  Also, a man and his family who were once members of the church but had backslidden have also started coming to church more regularly. To the Lord Jesus be the glory. Bible school education is not a waste of time and investing in the Bible school is not a waste of resources but an investment for a true harvest.

ACTS - African Centre for Theological Studies - Ghana: JOHN ASSUAH (First Year Student) Downloads

My Call Into Ministry: My calling into ministry is to care for those in prisons, hospitals, poor and needy through outreach. I have a burden to minister to these classes of people who are often overlooked by ministers of the gospel. I therefore enrolled in the Bible College to be trained, equipped and developed to meet this need.  I must confess that it has not been easy at all. I have had to grapple with financial challenges. I nearly quit the Bible School but for the timely intervention of a tuition scholarship. I am aware that donations are sent by the ladies ministry of the UPCI to support the Bible school. I commend them for such benevolence without which most of us could not access such high quality Bible school training in our country. The Lord used me during a revival programme at Tamale to bring a lot of testimonies. Also my colleagues from other region also come back with testimonies of souls being won into the kingdom of God through their ministrations. In all about thirty souls were won in our first semester. God richly bless you for supporting the Bible school to train young people to reach their maximum potential in apostolic ministry.

ACTS - African Centre for Theological Studies - Ghana: JEHOSHAPHAT BONYAH (Second Year Student) Downloads

My Call Into Ministry: About seven year ago, the Lord gave me a glimpse that He was going to use me in this end time. I had a dream, and behold, I saw my fellow brothers in the faith that we were jumping over a well of water. And as each one jumped over, ministry was unveiled on a sheet of paper stating his task. But I forgot what my ministry was when I woke up. I meditated on the dream, trying to remember but I couldn’t recall. After numerous confirmations, I finally yielded to the leading of the Lord and enrolled in the Bible College as a student. The Lord is still confirming His call upon my life. 

Deborah James - Tanzania Downloads

The small group of saints clustered under the temporary roof, seeking shade from the burning tropical sun.  “Amens” and “Praise Gods” drifted out the open sides of the shelter.  The new church plant was a very young work made possible because a Bible school student had moved into the town of Shinyanga and began holding Bible studies in her home.  A teacher, not a preacher, she still felt compelled to share the Gospel message in the unevangelized city. 
(click on download links to view entire story)

Michel & Valerie Mendo - Cameroon Downloads

 Bro. Michel and Sis. Valerie Mendo attended our first short term Bible School in the Capital City, Yaoundé, Cameroon.  They were working faithfully in a local church but did not have full truth.  While attending Bible School, both were baptized in the name of Jesus and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  After graduating from the Certificate Level course, they tried to return to the previous church where they were laboring (click on download links to view entire story)

Students in Burkina Faso Downloads

From missionaries Ken & Ginny Cantrell:I admire the perseverance of these three Bible School students. One from a southern village (right), one from Côte d'Ivoire (middle), and the one on the left rides his bike two hours to get to school. God will greatly bless their efforts.

Sebastian Ico - Belize Downloads

Bro Sebastian Ico was living in San Isidro village and attending classes in Mango Creek. God called him to a village called Armenia about two hours north of there so he sold his house and moved to Armenia. They had church in a muddy lean to for several months with 30-40 people attending. God opened the door for us to purchase an empty Assembly of God Church and he was set. He has baptized 25 or more in the last year. Two weeks ago in a revival service 20 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost! He has also started two preaching points where there are about four families each. The board has just issued a Ministers license to two men from those villages.  Bro. Sebastian’s influence is expanding greatly.

Analdo Mas - Belize Downloads

Bro. Analdo Mas took over a failing church as a second year student. Within a few months we lost the building that they were in so he and his father built an open air building to have church in. They have baptized 20 or more in the last year and continue to grow. We have a new building that is almost complete and we will dedicate it soon. 

Analdo Mas - Belize Downloads

Bro. Analdo Mas took over a failing church as a second year student. Within a few months we lost the building that they were in so he and his father built an open air building to have church in. They have baptized 20 or more in the last year and continue to grow. We have a new building that is almost complete and we will dedicate it soon. 

Miguel Choco - Belize Downloads

Bro. Miguel Choco was a bible school student in Mango Creek. He is in his late 30’s a family man and a school teacher. A church was having problems and we needed a pastor. He stepped up and took over during a building project. The church had about 30 people. Now about a year or so later, the church is strong and growing! At last report he has been running 150 or more. Just last weekend (3-31) 30 people received the Holy Ghost in a fellowship meeting held there.

Oscar Monestario - Chile Downloads

Oscar Monestario has been studying for quite a while in our Bible school. All last year he would come to me with tears and tell me of his burden for a little village called Canela, located about 3 hours north of Santiago. There was a small group meeting there, but they needed a pastor. One of our guys in the south had been working with them, but he was really stretching to make it up there once or twice a month. (click on download links to view entire story)

Oneness Seminar Downloads

In September of 2017, we held a Oneness Seminar in one of our targeted areas of our capital city called “Hevié.” From this teaching, we received request from a couple of Trinitarian pastors to enter our GATS Level One night classes located in Hevié. Although they had seen the Oneness, they had not yet received the Holy Ghost, as evidenced by speaking in other tongues. (click on download links to view entire story)

Habysh Vasquez - Student Story Downloads

Habysh wasn’t a church going man.  But he did allow his daughter to attend Sunday School and children’s activities at a church near their home.  It just happened to be a United Pentecostal Church in the barrio of Los Alcarrizos. One night, when the children’s service extended extra late, he came to the church to pick up his daughter and walk her home.  As the service was closing, he heard an announcement that caught his attention! (click on download links to view entire story)

Sebastian Suy - Guatemala Student Downloads

Pastor Tomas Suy was one of the first Mayan Indian pastor's to join with the UPC of Guatemala.  It was hard breaking into the Mayan Indian people as they were very stoic and culturally did not show or express emotion.  So much so that in their dialects they had no word for feels such as joy, love, happiness, sadness and so forth.  In the beginning we were able to show them the truth of baptism in Jesus Name and they understood the need to receive the Holy Ghost, but none of them could seem to break through to receive the Holy Ghost. (click on download links to view entire story)

UPC Australia Graduates 2018 Downloads

Photo taken during the UPCA General Conference.  There were 23 Certificate graduates and 12 Diploma graduates. Unfortunately, some graduates were not able to attend Conference. The graduates were from 15 different campuses.

Sister Kym Swile, Administrator is the UPCA Bible School program, is in the photo on the far right, standing next to the young man with the flag.

Papau New Guinea Bible School Students Downloads

The young man receiving his certificate on the stage is Japeth Hansen from Buka Island, right on the border of PNG and Solomon Islands. He is our ‘outer-most’ student at the school. The Guest Speaker awarding the certificates is Rev. Errol Paulus from Perth, Western Australia.

The other young man holding his certificate is Ben Sainam, from the other side of PNG near the border with West Papua (Indonesia). So glad to have people coming from the far corners.

Also included is a photo of our new intakes (July 2017). A few more have arrived since this photo was taken.

Augustine Opoku Asare Downloads

He was born into a family of idol worshippers both on his maternal and paternal sides. His father became a fetish priest at the age of twelve. He was trained as a linguist (spokesman) for the idols. He was taught to perform all sorts of rituals. His father, in a quest to acquire more powers died. This made Augustine afraid and he started seeking a church where he could have salvation. Even at this time of loneliness, fear, and oppression, he knew there was the Creator. He met a lady who invited him to church.  He was delivered from the powers of darkness and became a member of the UPCI. This led to Augustine being rejected by his family and he had to drop out of school. One night after being in church for a while, he had a dream that he was preaching. He went and told his pastor who explained to him that it was a call from God. He enrolled in the UPCI Bible college and completed successfully this year. Three of his relatives have been converted to Christianity. He is still praying for all of them to come to the saving knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Zambia GATS students Downloads

Zambia GATS Students low-res photos.

Ghana ACTS Bible School Graduation 2016 Downloads

Eleven students graduated from African Centre for Theological Studies (ACTS) in Ghana with their Associate of Theology on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Eight students also received their diploma in Ministerial Development. The program was well attended and our guest speaker, Rev. Brent Carter, from St. John, New Brunswick, Canada delivered a challenging message on “The Puzzle to Victory”. ACTS currently has two extension Bible schools and is planning to add another extension Bible school within the next year.

Gabon Graduation 2016 Downloads

Graduation in Gabon.


Ghana ACTS Bible School Downloads

First year students in Ghana all showed up for class wearing blue. A great group of eager learners.


One In Christ GATS Bible School - New Zealand (missionary Robert Addington) Downloads

Photos of our 2015 One In Christ GATS Bible School graduation for both certificate and diploma level in New Zealand . The graduates have the blue banners on.  Some of the teachers are also present in the front.  Bro. Wayne Goodare, the president is addressing the graduates.  Another  picture shows the handing out of the certificates/diplomas with the campus deans, Bro. Addington and Bro. Buckland. The youngest student shares why he wanted to go to Bible School.  

Togo Bible School Graduation 2015 Downloads

View entire photo album by clicking the link to the right. Graduation from December 2015.

Holland Bible School Downloads

We now have 37 active students in Bible School here in Holland! (22 in Dordrecht and 15 in Hoofddorp.) Approximately 1/2 of the students are 25 years and younger! I'm excited about the future here since so many young people are wanting to dig deeper.

Nicaragua Graduation 2015 Downloads

Nicaragua Graduation 2015

FIJI Bible School Graduation photos 2015 Downloads

FIJI Bible School Graduation photos 2015

AIM Bible School Graduation (DAVAO City, Philippines) Downloads

This is the most recent AIM Bible School (DAVAO City, Philippines) graduation photo (took place late November 2015) with David Flowers, Interim President, & Jonathan Parker, Newly Appointed Missionary.

Papau New Guinea Sends out Home Missionaries! By Richard & Andrea Carver Downloads

The biggest news of this Quarter is also the most exciting. During our recent General Board Meeting, the Board interviewed the graduating Bible School students. As one by one came to the Board, they expressed their desire to go as Home Missionaries into our “Missions Zones” - the under-evangelized areas of PNG where the church has minimal presence. The above picture shows the names and faces of those young men who are stepping out in faith to go to these areas. I was moved greatly by their willingness to leave the known behind and step into the unknown. Some are going where there are no contacts, no relatives, no churches. (click on download links to view entire story)

2015 students of Apostolic Christian Bible College - Myanmar Downloads

ACTS Ghana - 2015 Graduation Downloads

Student Raul DeAsis Downloads

Bible School training is the key to mature, established leadership for the UPCI in South America.
In 1975 a gang leader, Raul DeAsis, came to the Headquarters Church in Argentina from an afternoon plaza service. He was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. Raúl’s background didn’t qualify him for anything but trouble. Raised in a jungle area, he didn’t know what a pair of shoes was until he was 13.  (click on download links to view entire story)

Tried by Fire Downloads

As its name suggests, Ministerial Training Centre (MTC) the National Bible School in Nigeria, is dedicated to training ministers. Recruiting students is always a challenge, but recruiting students that will eventually bear fruit in the ministry is an even greater challenge. In 2008 four students enrolled from a remote village area in Jatoaka, Benue State. They were unexceptional in that they were not highly educated neither were they particularly gifted with what one would consider ministerial talents. Still they were humble, sincere, hard working, and cooperative.   (click on download links to view entire story)

The Alexander Rule Downloads

Bible school registration, Term 1, January 2009.  Daniel Igili and Chinyere Nonyelu appeared at the compound of Ministerial Training Centre, the educational arm of the United Pentecostal Church International in Enugu, Nigeria at the same time. They enrolled together. What are the odds that two years later these two students would both graduate magnum cum laude and represent the Class of 2010 as the valedictorian and salutatorian? What are the odds that the valedictorian and salutatorian would come from the same church? Incredible “coincidence.”  (click on download links to view entire story)

Graduation in Samoa - By Bennie & Pat Blunt Downloads

#2163  -  Ailini Falaniko and Galu Tauasa
#2166 -  Bro. Blunt and Bro. Galu Tauasa receiving his diploma
#2167 -  Bro. Blunt and Sis. Ailini Falaniko receiving her diploma
#2712 -  Bro. & Sis. Blunt (their teachers) with Bro. Galu & Sis. Ailini (click on download links to view photos)

Just an Ordinary Day - By Gerald McLean Downloads

Life on the mission field can be trying even during the best of times. Imagine a day without electricity, water, or internet service. We don’t have to imagine! It’s the norm in Nigeria, West Africa. I used to plead, “God, could we please have all three of the aforementioned services for one day?”  When that didn’t happen I lowered my expectations and bargained, “God, how about two out of three?” Lately it has been, “How about one out of three?” The questions have surely crossed our minds, “Why stay? Why live like this when you have a home in the USA with unlimited access to the essentials and luxuries of life?” (click on download links to view entire story)


The Doctor Shouted, “Man of God, man of God…!" - By Gerald McLean


Thompson Dania Folajoye was born in Edo State, Nigeria. In his youth he strayed from the path of righteousness and got into so much trouble with the law that he fled to Vienna, Austria to escape prosecution in Nigeria. His criminal activity didn’t stop in Vienna until he met United Pentecostal Church International Pastor Richard and Mrs. Heidi Podstanty. They witnessed to Thompson and brought him to a place of such conviction that he repented of his sins, was baptized in the Name of Jesus, and was filled with the Holy Spirit. (click on download links to view entire story)

One Month in the Lives of One Missionary Family Downloads

Routinely missionaries send reports to the office. Combined it has the feel of a modern-day Book of Acts. Here is just one of the many reports we receive covering only one month of reporting for Gerry and Darla McLean, missionaries to Nigeria: One of our pastors witnessed to a Trinitarian pastor. There is no United Pentecostal Church in this man’s state. It is in the heart of the Moslem portion(s) of the nation. (click on download links to view entire story)

Babar's New Tie by Georgene Shalm Downloads

New Life Theological Seminaryʼs graduation was over for another year in Kotlakhpat, Lahore, Pakistan. Boisterous voices penetrated the screen windows of our small lounge where we were entertaining the guest speakers as proud parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends mingled with the graduates in the courtyard. A knock came at the door and it was opened to find one of the graduates...(click on download links to view entire story)

Breaking my Silence by Kendra Shock Downloads

We are closing in on the middle of 2014. It’s been a year and a half since I returned from the Philippines…and I haven’t been able to utter a word about it in written form. I told my friend Melinda Poitras, “It’s like there’s nothing I can adequately say about it. It’s all in the crock pot of my mind and every time I go to lift the lid, I just know I’m going to ruin it.” (click on download links to view entire story)

Samuel Ekow Pansford (2013) Downloads


Richard Adu Kwafo (2013) Downloads


Acts Tamale Extension Program Downloads


Forward 2014 - Ghana Downloads


Equatorial Guinea, Africa Downloads

There were a total of 12 men and women, representing 5 nations (Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria), that received GATS Certificates after successfully completing the certificate level of training. This school operates in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. It was an exciting ceremony, with a great attendance, including the Honorable Consular of the Republic of Congo and the General Secretary of the Minister of Justice of Equatorial Guinea. The service was very well organized, and served as a very positive witness of the United Pentecostal Church in Equatorial Guinea. To God be all glory! The service received coverage by national television and clips of the service were still being shown as of yesterday. One reason it drew so much attention is because our Bible school is one a very few in the country and the government has begun to press all pastors to receive training for the ministry.

Scotland Downloads

There were 12 graduates at Harvest Bible College 2013. . . truly a global group whose citizenship or parental land links with nine countries: England, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Columbia, Jamaica and Mauritius, USA and Canada. HBC does offer a program of excellence in training "Harvesters" to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

18 Bible College Graduates! ~ Mission Senegal Downloads

We were privileged to preach the 2013 graduation of ACTS (African College of Theological Studies) in Accra, Ghana on June 15, 2013! On the same day, a graduation ceremony was held in Lomé, Togo for the Institut Biblique de Togo. What a blessing to be involved with these two great schools that continue to launch ministers of the Gospel into the harvest. Ten graduates in Ghana represent the next generation of leaders beginning their service to the Church! The eight graduates in Togo (where Bro. Sully has been teaching since our arrival in Africa) represent 3 different nations. Togo, Burkina Faso and Central African Republic are all now better equipped to reach their populations with the Gospel! (click on download links to view entire story and photos)

Philippines Bible School Downloads

Again, it’s with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that the Staff and Faculty of the Apostolic Institute of Ministries at Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines would like to express their appreciation by saying, Thank You (Salamat ka-ayo) so very much for this coming years allocation!

Since we have been here in the Philippines, the Ladies Ministries have faithfully supported the propagation of the Gospel through the efforts of the missionaries and the training programs (especially Bible Schools) that have been established. And, as a missionary to the Philippines for the past 33 years, the ministry of my wife and I would not have been as fruitful as it has been, without the financial contributions which the Ladies have extended to our training program here. (click on download links to view entire story and photos)

Nigerian Bible School Downloads

As always, we are very grateful for the Ladies Ministries Bible school student support offerings for the two Bible schools in Nigeria. They really do meet a very specific need, namely the training of ministers.

Consider that four of the five Nigerian national executive board members are UPCI Bible school graduates and ten of the fifteen national board members are Bible school graduates. Bible school not only prepares pastors, but over time it provides leadership for the entire fellowship. Our Bible school graduates also have a great love for truth and they help us to maintain doctrinal purity in the fellowship. 

Attached are two photos, the first one is of Barnabas Ityoikyaa, the 2012 recipient of the James Poitras award.  The second picture is of the 2012 GATS graduates only (one student did not make it for graduation, there are actually 13 who received the GATS diploma). We had 22 graduate all together - 7 with an MTC diploma and 2 with a Certificate of Attendance. We had the graduation on Saturday on the foundation of the new building.  We had canopies put up and it was great.  We can't wait to finish the building.  Today in church we married two of the graduates, so it has been quite a week.  (click on download links to view entire story and photos)

Zambia Bible School Downloads

Zambia Bible School photos.

Philippines Bible School Downloads

Apostolic Institute of Ministry - Davao, Philippines

Madagascar, Africa - Chris & Paula Richardson Downloads

Bible School photos.

Thank God for the Mud - by Bennie DeMerchant Downloads

God called us to take the whole gospel to the whole world. I received a Cessna seaplane to help facilitate travel. My home base was in Manaus, 1000 miles away. Flying along the crooked, muddy, Jurua River for safety, the green rain forest, stretched to the horizon on all sides. My destination was Cruzeiro do Sul, the far west of Brazil near Peru. If all went well, tugboats with barges from Manaus would ply rivers for 40 days and nights in rainy season to bring heavy cargo to this remote city with no outside roads. I wanted to plant His name there and splashed down the first time on this tributary of the upper Amazonian in 1973. (click on download links to view entire story)

Honduras Bible School Downloads

Honduras Bible School.

ACTS Bible School Downloads

ACTS Bible School, Manila. Philippines.

Former Trinitarian now Pastoring Oneness Church! Downloads

The Picture is of Bro Harrison, a recent graduate of MTC, baptizing one of 31 of his converts in May 2012, . He is a former Trinitarian who graduated from our Bible School in Feb 2012 and has since been teaching the apostolic message with great success. He now pastors a group of over forty people most of whom he has rebaptised in Jesus name.

Subrat from Scism Christian University Downloads

Subrat (pronounced Soo-braht) Singh used to be a drug addict.  He had a vision, was reached by people won to apostolic faith by HY Paul, SCU principal, who co-founded with Tsathvu Thuvuri the work in Odisha state, where Subrat lives. Subrat came to Christ, got rid of his bad habits, came to Scism Christian University.  While studying with us, between school years, whenever he visited his brother's house, his sister-in-law would sprinkle him with 'holy' water from the Ganges River, saying, 'You are a Christian... (click on download links to view entire story)

Lesotho News and Update Downloads

Recently we brought some LSO Bible Students & leaders to attend South Africa-UPC Gen Conference. Bro. & Sis. Bernard was the Special Guest Speakers! The Lord richly anointed and blessed their ministry! Bro. J. Smith & the RSA brethren are doing a good work. We have 14 new students enrolled in Bible School, Pray for their ministry!... (click on download links to view entire story)

Harvest Bible College Graduation Downloads

Between the part time course and the full time course, a total of 91 graduates have now gone out from Harvest Bible College. We thank God for the wonderful 2011 graduation service and the outstanding message preached by Bro. Tuttle, Regional Director for Europe & the Middle East.... (click on download links to view entire story)

It is Time!

Man Filled with Holy Ghost While Attending Son's Graduation Downloads

This man came to see his son graduate -- and was filled with the Holy Ghost during the General Conference! 

Live As It Happens! Downloads

News from Richard Smoak: James Crumpacker and I were excited today to be greeted by fifty-four students at the first day of the first GATS Bible school session to be taught in Burundi. Today and tomorrow we are teaching the first one-half of the book of Acts or twelve hours, six each day. The first day went very well. These are all licensed ministers of the United Pentecostal Church of Burundi.... (click on download links to view entire story)

Building Our Future One Student at a Time (Austria) Downloads

I am blessed and excited to spread the wonderful news about our Bible College, AMTC! There is nothing more important that the building, molding, and preparing of our young people for ministry. They are the future! They will one day take our places. And it is up to us to make sure they have a well laid foundation. This is why teaching in the AMTC, Apostolic Ministry Training Center, is such an honor and blessing! .... (click on download links to view entire story)

Pastor Bright Owiredu Downloads

Pastor Bright Owiredu graduated from African Center for Theological Studies (ACTS) in June 2005 with a passion for evangelism. In June 2006 ACTS Ghana partnered with Brother Owiredu and planted a church with the help of the missionaries. Brother Owriedu worked hard, believing God to give the increase. Five years later, they are in their own building with an average attendance of sixty. Pastor Owiredu was married on June 27, 2009 and is the proud father of Marvin-Praise Kwame Owriedu Frimpong. In addition to leading a growing, vibrant church, brother Owiredu serves as the national youth secretary and the zonal secretary. Because someone believed, because someone gave, someone has gone and now more can believe.

Rev. Jerry Hanson-Nortey Downloads

Vision is a powerful force, driving us into our divine destiny. Rev. Jerry Hanson came to African Centre for Theological Studies in February 1995 with a burning desire to make a difference. Already a hard worker brother Hanson transferred these ethics to extend into the ministry and has never looked back. After assisting at Bethel Temple from 1997- 2001, Rev. Hanson planted a church in January 2002 called Vision Chapel, beginning with eight people. In January 2010 Vision Chapel, which now averages 250 in attendance, moved into a beautiful rented facility. From here they believe that God will provide land for them to build a church. In September 2009 brother Hanson was elected national secretary for the UPCI-Ghana. The vision of impacting the world continues.

Pastor John Downloads

Yakubu Seidu Watono grew up in northern Ghana as a devout Muslim, quoting much of the Koran from memory. However, at the age of fifteen a teacher told him that without the Holy Spirit he would not make it to heaven. This statement challenged and disturbed Yakubu, ultimately leading his teacher and Yakubu to times of prayer after school. Graciously the Lord filled him with the Holy Spirit. This led to great joy but also caused great alarm as his life was endangered. Escaping to the southern part of Ghana, Yakubu became known as John (not his real name) and continued his new life in Christ. In time, John enrolled as a student in our Bible school and graduated in 2006. Later that year he was sent to a Muslim town to revive the church which had all but died. Knowing God desires growth, Pastor John began to work diligently, utilizing all of his theological training and practical ministry experience. God blessed his efforts and the church grew in attendance from eighteen to over forty in the first year. Today the average attendance is one hundred and liberty is felt by all who attend.

One person said, “Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven't learned until you can take action and use it.” We thank God for the impact of our Bible School training program. Our students are learning! Thank you for your faithful support. Investing in Bible schools and Bible school students is a great investment as both impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Danish Downloads

The city of Peshawar, Pakistan is well known throughout the entire world as the hiding place for terrorists, the most famous one being Osama bin Laden.  But last month, another “terrorist” moved into town, named Danish Nazir.  This young man is a spiritual warrior and he is fighting on the front line of the front lines.

On Sunday, March 27, 2011 Pastor Danish, a graduate of New Life Theological Seminary in Lahore, Pakistan, was teaching a Home Bible Study to an unsaved Peshawar family of seven people. These are his words:
“I could see that they could not understand what I was teaching. Their faces showed confusion and I felt frustration. Then I remembered that we’ve been taught we have authority in the Spirit, so I stopped teaching and told them I was going to pray. I took authority over the blindness that was in their minds and spirits and I loosed a spirit of understanding. I finished the Bible Study, and at the conclusion, we baptized all seven in the Name of Jesus.”

Andhra Pradesh Downloads

After he graduated from SCU-Delhi in 2009 February, Sathish began his evangelism in earnest, and in 2010 June baptized 10 pastors in Jesus name.  In August, he baptized another 72 people, including 34 pastors—that made 304 pastors and 287 other believers since he graduated 18 months earlier.  In September, Sathish baptized 16 young people in Saluru, a remote village.  One lady in her ninth month of pregnancy walked 3 miles to be baptized.  Some other people walked 10 miles.

ACTS Ghana Chapel Service

Roselyne Despinoy Downloads

Roselyne Despinoy is a graduate of French Bible Institute. She has consecrated her life fully to God and today she is the administrator of the French Bible Institute and a teacher. Roselyne is also the Executive Administrative Assistant in the headquarters church in France. She is the web master for the French Federation, the administrator of the National Bible Correspondence Courses and so many other things.  Everything Roselyne does is done with excellence and her desire is to see a great revival in the French speaking world.

SCU-Delhi alumni stories: Tsathvu Thuvuri Downloads

Tsathvu Thuvuri is from Nagaland state, India.  When he graduated, he went to Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh state (this one state has 170 million people), and started our first church there.  He won three other pastors to Jesus name baptism.  Now we had four churches.  These four pastors had a crusade at which 43 Hindu priests had demons cast out of them and said, 'It is clear that Jesus is the one true God because we saw our gods leave us when you told them to leave in Jesus name.'  The four churches became 25 churches, with about 2000 constituents so far.  All by God moving through one SCU graduate.

SCU-Delhi alumni stories: Ramala Rebekah Downloads

When I first met Ramala, I thought she was apostolic--she was with the church people at Tukvar.  When I found out she was Hindu, I witnessed to her.  So did her cousin.  She came to Christ, was baptized in Jesus name, came to SCU-Delhi, received the Holy Spirit and after her first year of college, went home and started a church in her house.  Her town is on the Bhutan border, and her church in less than one year started international missions into Bhutan.  She graduated from SCU-Delhi, is now vice-president of the college's registered society, pastor in her town, and I was recently there in a meeting when another four people were baptized--by her evangelism to her community.

SCU-Delhi alumni stories: Ajinbou Chatmai Downloads

Ajinbou Chatmai is from Manipur.  His family moved to the Kanpur area, North India.  There, he was witnessed to and reached by Scism Christian University-Delhi graduate Tsathvu Thuvuri.  He came to SCU himself, and after he graduated, went to Varanasi, ground zero of Hinduism, where people worship the Ganga river and by the river.  Today, he has six churches and preaching points and many, many testimonies of people coming from Hinduism to Jesus Christ by the power of healing in Jesus name.

One day before this writing, he got married to another SCU graduate, who is also a pastor:  Pradipa Patricia Ghatani.  She'll now move to Varanasi, and an SCU student will succeed her as pastor in her home town, Chamong.

SCU alumni stories--Priscilla Downloads

Priscilla graduated from Scism Christian University-Delhi, in February 2009.  When I asked if she would be returning to her church in North Bengal, she said in her little voice, 'I think I will stay here'.  She witnessed with relatives and friends in a booming city where we had no church, and ten days after graduation brought three of them to be baptized.  I said, 'You can start a church with these people.  Gather in a house and start services.'  She said, 'I think I will do that.'  Two weeks after graduation, she had started a congregation.

In Search of Truth - By Sister Selina Mhlanga Downloads

Life is a journey; we come from somewhere going somewhere. To understand where you are going you need to know where you are coming from. The world has so many conflicting answers to this and in the end you will find yourself in a whirlwind of confusion. I was in this whirlwind of confusion when I realized that the answer I was looking for was in the Bible. I needed to know what life is all about, what was my purpose in this world, and why things happen the way they do...

So I decided to study the Bible. I started on my own. I was not happy with the pace of my understanding so I decided to go to Bible College..... (click on download links to view entire story)

Planting People, Growing Giants - By James Poitras Downloads

I’m often asked, “What business are you in?” I sometimes ponder what reaction I’d get if I said, “I’m in the people-growing business.” Ministers are grown. Students don’t arrive in our Bible school classrooms as spiritual giants. They come with willing hearts and pass through a spiritual formation and maturation process. Effective Bible school programs enable students to reach their maximum potential. We’re equipping others for works of service in God’s kingdom (Ephesians 4:12) and in apostolic ministry. Like Robert Dale once said, we’re “sowing seeds of ministry and growing believers toward leadership.” That is the sole purpose behind the Global Association of Theological Studies. Like a sign I saw, “We build Pentecostal leaders to grow Pentecostal churches.” Spiritual growth is one of our four core values. We value helping people grow! .... (click on download links to view entire story)

From Nigeria and West Africa

Nigeria, West Africa: Two of the Bible school students baptized thirteen while visiting their home town. Another student had a breakthrough in his village church and baptized four and one received the Holy Ghost.

Students Singing and Worshipping


Spotlight on Jaromír Žumár (Prague, Czech Republic / Eastern Europe) Downloads

Jaromír and his twin brother were born in Slovakia and soon moved to Prague, Czech Republic.  Raised by his father from the age of seven as a result of his parents divorce, he finished his basic schooling and began studying civil engineering.  It was during his final graduation year that Jaromír’s life turned completely around as he started to attend the church in Prague as a result of a co-workers kind invitation.

Even though the Žumár family followed suit with most Europeans with placing great importance on higher education, the fine arts and culture, Jaromír’s life did not follow in the footsteps of his world traveling concert piano playing mother, nor that of his wood handcrafting violin / cello maker twin brother.... (click on download links to view entire story)

Spotlight on Christopher Rock | The Church Under The Umbrella Tree Downloads

Christopher enrolled in Bible school in 1999 and graduated as the Valedictorian in 2001. God directed him to start a church. Christopher, young, inexperienced, and penniless relied on God to direct his footsteps. Since there were no finances for a building or even for chairs, he was led by God to start the church under a massive umbrella tree. The tree was remarkably functional for this purpose. Its branches protected the people from the scorching equatorial sun and the above ground root structure provided “chairs” for the attendees.

In one of their first services a message in tongues and interpretation came forth. God promised that people would come from far and wide to worship with them under the tree. (Note: to date visitors have come from three different continents and several different countries, to this village church, essentially in the middle of nowhere!) God also warned them that they would have to endure suffering, hardship, and much opposition, but that God would fight their battles for them..... (click on download links to view entire story)